Core Values

The Company's mission is to meet and exceed safety, environmental and customer requirements and to conduct our operations in a manner that protects human health, the environment, and property. It also strives to assess the risk associated with its operations and establish safeguards with the aim of ensuring flawless and risk-free operation.

The Company has core values that contribute to achieving the Mission. The Company is committed to:

  1. Hiring qualified people of good character for sea-going and shore positions
  2. Providing a safe, healthy and rewarding work place.
  3. Promoting healthy, safe and environmentally sound practices that minimise or eliminate pollution.
  4. Applying high standards of legal and moral ethics to all activities and decisions
  5. Encouraging team work, open dialogue and sharing of information
  6. Fostering a culture in which errors are identified early and corrected quickly and where errors can be openly discussed to serve as basis for lessons learned and continuous improvement
  7. Promoting and rewarding innovation, improvement and development of best practices
  8. Encouraging and sponsoring continuing professional development and training to ensure that employee qualifications and experience exceed statutory requirements and customer expectations
  9. Ensuring compliance with mandatory rules and regulations, including applicable Codes, guidelines and standards recommended by IMO, relevant Flag Administrations, Classification Societies, Maritime Industry Organisations and local marine ports and terminals
  10. Developing, implementing and continuously improving a management system that supports the Mission Statement, clearly defines policies, procedures and responsibilities, establishes targets and measures performance with the aim of achieving industry best practices