Operational Goals

The operational goal of ENT remains:

To be a leader in the shipping industry, delivering the best services to our customers, and ensuring efficient transportation with the highest applicable standards.

ENT values long-term relationships with its suppliers and customers. It looks to leverage off these relations both to meet current customer and industry requirements and anticipated future demands.

Operationally Eagle Navigation & Trading strives to continually improve the safety of the working environment. ENT carefully monitors its safety performance and benchmarks it against the industry.

ENT is in the process of obtaining ISO accreditation for ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001, and is in the process of qualifying for ISO 50001.

The Ships Personnel Department of ENT is responsible for vetting, selection and recruitment of competent, qualified, trained and medically fit seagoing personnel, in accordance with Company's requirements and International and Flag State regulations, and to ensure that the Company has sufficient seagoing personnel to adequately man its vessels, as well as to maintain updated records of all seagoing personnel.

Generally, all ships are manned with three nationalities i.e. seafarers from Panama Georgia and Philippines.  Most officers are from Panama and a minority from Georgia.  Ratings on 30% of the Fleet are from the Philippines and the remaining are from Panama.

The Company is efficiently contributing to the education of the next generation of Panamanian Officers by employing Deck and Engine trainees. Since 2010, we are proud to have 21 deck officers and 8 engine officers having completed their training time on our vessels many of them having being promoted to officers.

In our Company we pride ourselves for the retention rate of more than 90% of our Shipboard and Shore based Personnel.

The Company has established a wages scheme, paying officers extra bonuses based on performance.  The Company covers in full, all crew training expenses whether in-house or out-sourced.