Protection of environment and safety of personnel

Eagle Navigation & Trading is paying special attention to the ecological aspects and safety measures for the human life of bunker activity. In our practice we are strictly following and observing all existing standards prescribed for petroleum operations and prevention of pollution of oil products.

Eagle Navigation & Trading is committed to strengthening its management system in Security, Safety, Health, and Environment & Quality. The system builds on a culture of quality by providing checks and balances to ensure that Eagle Navigation & Trading meets or exceeds the rigorous service requirements of its customers, as well as all local, national, international and industry regulations governing the safe transportation and the prevention of pollution in our oceans. The company takes active measures to reduce its impact on the environment as well as to maintain a high level of safety on all aspects of the operation.

The protection of the environment is a fundamental corporate objective, inseparable from company long-term economic growth. Eagle Navigation & Trading is committed to carrying out its activities, directly and through fleet managers, in such a manner as to:

Comply with and, where possible, surpass environmental legislation and applicable regulations, as well as ensure continual adoption, if not introduction, of industry best practices;

Continue to develop, implement and update within the vessels an Environmental Management System in collaboration with Eagle Navigation & Trading fleet managers;

Increase environmental awareness, and educate and encourage the crew to preserve the environment. Provide training to all personnel concerning the rules, procedures and principles contained in the Environmental Management System and ensure that it is adhered to;

Conduct regular internal and external audits to verify compliance with Eagle Navigation & Trading Environmental Management System.