Company Profile

Eagle Navigation & Trading, S.A. is a Product Tankers Company based in the Republic of Panama, dedicated to the service of transporting bunkers from bunker suppliers from shore to ships that visit Panama including transportation of Heavy Fuel Oil, Marine Diesel Oil, Marine Gas Oil and others. Our capabilities also permit us to carry out internatio...Read More

Protection of environment and safety of personnel

Eagle Navigation & Trading is paying special attention to the ecological aspects and safety measures for the human life of bunker activity. In our practice we are strictly following and observing all existing standards prescribed for petroleum operations and prevention of pollution of oil products.

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The Technical Department at Eagle Navigation & Trading, S.A. oversees and supports all technical operations of the vessels in the ENT fleet as well as ENT’s new ship building projects.

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Health and Safety

At Eagle Navigation & Trading, S.A. the health and safety of our people is paramount in all our decisions.

Our HSQE goal is to deliver our services with zero injuries to our people and minimal environmental impact of our activities.

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Eagle Navigation & Training has an in-house Training Schedule which is being upgraded year after year. It was established with the aim of providing training to both ships and shore-based personnel and it has plans to be the first certified training centre established by a Panamanian shipping company.

The establishment and operation of the Training Centre is an example of the commitment of the group in investing in its people by providing continuous training.

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High Seas Bunkering

EMF can offer high seas bunkering through its fleet of Ocean Going Bunkering Tankers anywhere in the Caribbean or Pacific Coast of Panama.  All Bunker Tankers are fitted for High Seas Bunkering.

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Offshore Bunkering

Eagle Marine Fuels is a physical supplier of Fuel Oil and Marine Gas Oil in Panama and the Caribbean.  EMF plans to expand its network of supply stations globally.

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Ship Management

Eagle Navigation and Trading, S.A. currently manages a fleet of 10 Tankers of 3500 to 15000 DWT.  These vessels are all operation in Panama and Caribbean Ports in Coastal Operations as well as in high seas operations.  ENT is always looking to expand its fleet of managed vessels.

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